Rally Report Card: Mexico 2015

  • wrblog

    Personally, I agree with many of the marks given by Jason, but some I would do differently. Here’s which, how and why, briefly.

    Jari-Matti Latvala: C is waaay too generous. He made another costly mistake, which at his level he was not supposed to do. OK mistakes happen, but not scoring a single powerstage point is a big no no. D+ for what might have been.

    Robert Kubica: I agree with the mark, because he was able to bring it home after the initial crash. Pity the first crash was somewhat similar to Thierry’s in that he rolled because of a broken steering arm (which he tried to nurse to the end of the stage). Still, costly mistake, but compared to his 2014 Mexico he did a solid job of getting through stages and kilometers.

    Rally itself: B+ is again too generous. Rally had major issues in terms of safety, both for crews and spectators. Valery Gorban’s crash could have ended badly and I won’t even mention Ott Tanak’s 17 minutes of drama. These are HUGE issues and there are no excuses. C at best.

    Martin Prokop: B too generous. He did go through without Rally2, which in Mexico was an achievement, but Martin is lacking when it comes to sparks and promise and ambition. Perhaps it’s the car or the finances but I don’t see him going beyond top 5. Which, since we’re talking WRC here, isn’t such a bad deal at all! But I don’t think it deserves a B, at least not in grand scheme of things.

    Dani Sordo could have done more, on paper, but his recent injury probably influenced some of his pace, or lack of it. Compared to Thierry, though, big difference.

    There you go!

  • Jason Anthony

    After all the truth came out regarding the organizers’ lack and preparation regarding the divers, I have to agree with Tom about the grade for the rally… B+ was too generous…

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