Mr Rally Mexico director, are you… are you OK?

  • Stefan Walker

    Mate I was put off by his comments as well i was like WTH! man cant be serious!

  • Jason Anthony

    Not trying to make any excuses for this situation, but it makes me wonder how many other WRC events might be just as ill-prepared… there just hasn’t been an incident to expose their flaws yet. Ott Tanak made the point that the WRC should appoint a safety consultant from within the sport who can advise the organizers. He suggested Jarno Lehtinen, and I think that he or any other ex-codriver would be a great choice. The navigators know the nuances of these stages possibly even better than the drivers and could provide some intelligent feedback to the organizers where any potential problem areas might be.

  • Luis Cardoso

    You never thought something like this is even remotely possible in a WRC class event? Remember Louise Aitken Walker and Tina Thorner in Portugal 1990? I guarantee that was huge scary moment!!

    • wrblog

      Truly horrific! Goes to prove that rally cars WILL find a way to crash in a way nobody thought possible. Water must never be overlooked because it’s a very unfriendly environment for rally crews to be in, strapped to their seats. WRC should never underestimate the amount of crazy stunts rally cars can and will produce while crashing out.

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