Video: Rally Finland 2000, still fast

It’s never too late or too early to talk about epic rallies and epic cars and crews, even if the rally at hand is not the next on calendar or if cars and crews have long since retired from the sport. When it comes to rallies, you cannot go wrong with Rally Finland, we all know that. Its stages are fast and smooth, its jumps are mind blowing and its fans, well, it’s Finland, what can you expect.

This particular video was kindly suggested by arguably one of the biggest fans of rallying in Estonia, Karli Pikk. He believes modern WRC cars are evidently faster on the crests compared to their early 2000s counterparts. Perhaps that is true, or rather, I would expect it to be true, but some jumps and high speed passes in this video are quite silly in terms of speed. Tommi Mäkinen and Colin McRae are particularly impressive, although few privateers also packed a punch.

Whether modern cars are indeed faster than machines we loved a decade and a half ago is not really important. Just grab some snacks and a drink and enjoy the WRC legends storming the stages of one of the best and most unique rally events in the world.