What Are the Top 5 (Virtual) Rally Stages?

  • PK

    Mineshaft was INSANE. Mobil 1 Championship Rally had some diabolical stages, too.

  • m s

    I’ve only played CMR2 and RBR out of those games, kinda lost interest in all arcade games since I’ve had a taste of RBR.
    Chirdonhead – 6th gear most of the stage, nothing more to say….
    Diamond Creek – 6th gear blind crests and jumps, like a chopped down, dried out Finland :D
    Joux Verte – flat out sections broken by lots of hairpins, lovely!
    Prospect Ridge – fun all the way through, specially the last downhill flat out section
    Noiker – would be awesome, but my Impreza NEVER made it through without damaged head gasket

  • hernan4429

    Aaaah Noiker is one of the longest, most terrifying stages on RBR. I remember holding my breath during the final meters, to finally let out a huge sigh of relief once I finished it for the first time. Highly stressful indeed.

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