Hyundai postpones the new i20 WRC, sadface

  • Jason Anthony

    Disappointing news, but can you really blame them? The 2014 spec car is still plenty quick and Neuville is probably the closest of all the other drivers to the VW crew. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If you look back over the past decade in the WRC, it was strewn with manufacturers who rushed out a new car too soon and failed miserably. The demise of Subaru in the WRC was partly due to this shortsightedness. I think that Michel Nandan learned his lesson with the Suzuki disaster and doesn’t want to make the same mistake with Hyundai. In all honesty, perhaps the WRC needs to look at a 2-3 year homolation cycle as a cost-cutting strategy in the future. Do we really need to see a brand new car every year? This is how F1 got into the mess that they find themselves in at the moment with teams going bankrupt and falling out of the sport.

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