Hyundai brings paddles to Argentina

  • Rico

    Feel free to explain to me why Hyundai launches a WRC assault with the current i20 car. Extensive testing 2013/2014, set to compete against the best in 2015? then it’s a new car coming. This new car set to debute 2016 which means only 1 competitive season until the rule change again ( 2017). Correct me if I am wrong but this doesn’t sound like the best way to compete against the very best in the WRC…Please I want some opinions/comments on this. Help me to understand :-)

    • wrblog

      It’s hardly ideal and it’s postponing their true assault to 2016 at least, which is when, I hope, they show some true pace and competitiveness, even if only for one year. I genuinely hate these delays, this is why Volkswagen’s arrival to WRC was so impressive – they used their test & development year to the max, prepared a beast of a car and made sure team is running smooth. The rest is, as they say, history…

      Hyundai failed when they scheduled new car for mid 2015. I hope this failure does not return to bite them, but it’s not looking as bright as it did when they first announced their return to WRC. There is nothing wrong in Hyundai’s desire to test & develop while competing, but this is expensive and chances for good results are not very good. Next year will decide their future, so this new i20 WRC better be good.

      • Rico

        Yes let’s hope so! I’am impressed by Volkswagen and I do understand that Seb Ogier is something special. But for the WRC in general I’d love to see more teams/cars challenging for the win on a more regular basis. Of course you have to be a good driver aswell but that’s not the main problem I think ( T Neuville is a fast one :)
        I’am “in love” with this sport, specially in the WRC I I do want it to survive in the long run so let’s hope that Hyundai knows what they are doing!

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