Are 9 Stages Enough?

  • mattjelonek

    Long time no comment or read, I’ve had my head out of the WRC since Mexico which is a shame but have heard of news trickling in since then so I have been up to date… though, I know about this news about Corsica. You are right WRB, there might be spectator issues during the days…. I think there will even be stage cancellations due to crowd control which would minimise TV coverage… BUT what I believe is they (the organisers) could have split one stage that they have now, into two parts making two stages, adding one. So instead of making one stage 12kms, they could have the stop point half way at 6kms, 500meters down the road start the following stage and it’ll be 5.5kms in length… See?! Two stages! Oh well…

  • Jason Anthony

    Matt, thanks for the comment and welcome back! You are right, that would be a simple solution. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of longer stages, I just would like to see more than just 3 each day.

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