Rally Report Card: Argentina 2015

  • Dagge

    Meekes win was a very lucky one, if none of the WV cars got any problems he wouldn´t stand a chance, I am 100% sure this will be his only win.

    • wrblog

      I agree that VW’s problems helped a lot, but Meeke deserves to be praised for not making another one of his costly mistakes, this time he kept it all together. No doubt winning more will be superhard against Volkswagens, but perhaps this win will help Meeke in the future, maybe he won’t be so prone to making mistakes from now on. In my opinion, he’s got even bigger mountain to climb now – a lucky win can strike you anytime, but make that two or three or four and things get very challenging and tough very fast.

  • Rico

    Martin Prokop IS driving cleverly and I understand that maybe he not only have the older version of the Fiesta WRC, it maybe infact slightly older than a 2014 version!? But Prokop does have the much needed experience of all the different locations and SS in the world ( has been on juniorwrc?, wrc2 and wrc level since 2005?) so I’am pretty sure that he’s just lacking that xtra 10% in rightout pace. Maybe deep inside himself he knows this and if that’s the case, It makes he’s approach to every rally impressive.

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