Dirt Rally, is it (rally) a dream come true?

  • Jason Anthony


    Thanks for a great post! You actually beat me to putting something out about Dirt Rally. Here are my thoughts.

    If you are a rally fan, and enjoy rally games, you NEED to buy this game. Why do I use the word “need”? Well, it isn’t specifically due to the quality of the game at this point. Instead, it is because of the massive paradigm shift that Codemasters has made. For years and years, we have begged game developers to incorporate our input into a rally game, and for years and years, our requests have been ignored. Too many times, we have gotten our hopes up, and then had them dashed when we actually got our hands on the newest rally game.

    For the first time, Codemasters is willing to shape the game around our feedback. Make no mistake, this is a huge risk for them to take. They don’t know if this is going to be a success, but they took the chance anyway. As a community, we need to show our support for this risk that they have taken and make this a viable method of producing a game in the future.

    I want to encourage anyone who cares about rally to invest in this project. Will Dirt Rally be the best rally game ever? I don’t know, but even if it isn’t, if our support makes Dirt Rally and the Early Access model a success, it will pave the way for more community driven simulations. If we don’t financially support this project by purchasing a copy, Codemasters will be forced to go back to the same, flawed, conventional method of creating games without community involvement. This is a watershed moment for sim-rallying, and we need to make the most of the opportunity, because if it fails, I don’t know if it will ever come again. The long-term implications of putting your support behind Dirt Rally are massive. So please, get involved, invest your money, and give Codemasters some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to work with. They have thrown us a bone, the least we can do is put our support behind them.

    In the end, if Dirt Rally falls flat on its face, we only lost 30 Euros, but if it doesn’t, we will be rewarded a fantastic rally game and the potential for more community-driven sims in the future. I’d say that is a risk willing to take, wouldn’t you?

    • Enzo Gaming

      How big is the download? Steam says it requires 35GB of Hard Disc space, but do i actually have to download whooping 30GB or something to play that game?

      I’m playing with the thought of buying Dirt Rally, because even if Codemasters weren’t exactly on the realistic side with their Rally games, they were almost always (Dirt 2 and 3 aside) very fun to play. But i’m also not a big fan of all this early access and DLC stuff, so i’m not quite sure atm. And for 30 Euros i could get the PC-Version of Richard Burns Rally (i already own the PS2-Version, but it can’t be modded), so it’s not an easy choice for me.

      • Jason Anthony

        It is about an 8gb download. If you don’t already own RBR, I understand being torn. My advice in your case might be to pick up RBR while you can… it won’t be there forever. Perhaps you can get DIRT in a month or so when the devs have added more content. I just don’t know how long it will be available for early access.

        Also, how powerful your PC is might be a determining factor. If you have a bit on an older PC, you will get much more bang for your buck with RBR as the new DIRT rally is pretty graphics heavy. Just my thoughts!

        • wrblog

          It also turns out Dirt Rally requires DirectX 11 support, which is a norm these days, but not everyone has a card capable of Dx11 (yours truly included). I have an older desktop but a 1 year old laptop, which means latter saves me. I am not sure whether Codemasters will add DirectX 10 support, but for now, it’s Dx11 restricted.

          • Enzo Gaming

            Right, i don’t have a DirectX 11 graphics card, so i’ll probably wait until release (DX11 compatible graphic cards should be pretty affordable by then, too).

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