Hello there, gorgeous… Impreza WRX ready for WRC2, ERC…

  • Jason Anthony

    But will it play nice with the other cars in WRC2? Performance balancing was quite difficult between the Group N’s and S2000’s and RRC’s over the past few years. I love seeing Subaru back on the stages with a new car though… it was long overdue!

    • wrblog

      Good points, it’s a bit of a mash-up this class, isn’t it? I love the variety, but maybe cars should be a bit more similar, not in terms of size or looks but in performance. On the other hand, we don’t know anything about this WRX’s performance yet.

  • michael dimmo

    better than an Evo X:-)

  • m s

    100k pounds for the car + under 15 pounds running cost per km, that’s a bargain if the car proves competitive…

    – See more at: http://www.jrm-group.com/nr4-subaru-wrx-sti#sthash.U0LWKQ7r.tPCWGrCe.dpuf

    P.S you’re welcome Tom

  • Alex Langheck

    Don’t know why they are bothering. It will be outclassed – its a nice car for a national series, but for WRC2? Forget it. Far too big and cumbersome.

    JRM should try building a crowd pleasing R-GT car. A Nissan 370Z would be nice.

    • wrblog

      A long shot, but maybe, perhaps they know something we don’t? It’s not completely impossible that in the near or distant future WRC (and all its classes) could move away from current B segment cars? But I hear your point, I don’t see this car competing against current WRC2 pocket rockets.

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