Can he Kubica it under control?

Robert Kubica performs during FIA World Rally Championship 2015 Italy, in Alghero Italy on June 11, 2015 // Jaanus Ree/Red Bull Content Pool

Robert Kubica, that guy, yeah, if only he could somehow combine speed, care and also a healthy dose of luck in one event, for a proper result and proper demonstration of ability, skill and potential, if there is any. And I still believe there is. But, for now, all we get is this, we could call it “motion blur”, a wild mix of unlucky incidents, unforced errors, superb speed, skillful control, and we usually get all this and more in one event, or even just in one day. Such is Kubica.

Soon, he will embark on yet another challenge; his 3rd start in Rally Poland. I think it’s crazy to expect he will try to control himself on his home turf, but maybe he will. Maybe he really should. Sooner or later, he’s bound to find this elusive control, or else this WRC adventure will not go forward as planned. Could it happen in Poland? According to his comments from the press conference, he’s toying with this idea. Can he do it?

“This will be my third start in LOTOS 72nd Rally Poland, but the rally route has been significantly changed, so basically it is a new rally for me. We will do our best to give a lot of fun to the fans. When it comes to expectations, please remember that we have a smaller budget and a much smaller team than the factory crews. We would like to win a few special stages, but it makes the risk much higher. On the other hand, easy driving increases the chance of finishing the rally, but may cause a less good result. You have to find a compromise. I hope that fast and consistent on the gravel roads around Mikolajki,” said Robert Kubica.