Dirt Rally, update 0.5 aka the Tarmac Terrors

In this case, name says it all. Well, almost all, because not (only) did Codies add a whole lot or nice cars and stages, but they’ve also fixed plenty of issues and introduced further optimization to existing features. This update allows us to get our hands on some of the most iconic rally cars of all times – think Opel Manta 400 or Lancia 037 Evo 2. Also new are the stages based on infamous Baumholder in Germany. Yes, the place with those horrible somethingsteins and narrow roads. In total we’re greeted with 12 new stages and 5 new rally cars, but that’s not all.

Again, the developers wanted us to know they are very serious and keen about this game, by taking care of all the details, no matter how small. I mean, check this out: “We’ve planted some trees and shrubs in areas of Greece and Wales where we spotted that some of you were taking shortcuts. Taking some cuts in rally is cool but these cuts were definitely not cool.” On the other hand, they’re no strangers to funny patch notes either, even though they fix otherwise serious and potentially experience-ruining issues: “Sometimes you could rev the engine so hard on the Audi Sport Quattro the “Recover vehicle” prompt would pop up, it won’t do that anymore.” and “Driving the Peugeot 405 T16 would sometimes cause stability issues, we’ve fixed those now.” I bet some of the old school rally drivers could confirm some of those cars had “stability issues” in real life too.

For the rest of the notes, read Lee Williams’ blog post and then get this game already!