Hayden Paddon’s “Rally Poland Warm-Up”

Hayden Paddon likes to do his own talking to the fans. You can catch him during one of his #AskPaddon Q&A sessions on Twitter, or you can simply tweet him directly and he’ll respond unless he is competing, and now, here is his presentation and preview video for the upcoming Rally Poland. Some drivers are happy with their PR doing all the talking, some will talk to PRs first and let them interact with fans, and then we have Hayden, who likes to do the talking directly. I am not sure how do you measure how popular certain driver is, but I think it’s safe to say Paddon is collecting fans faster than Seb Ogier is collecting WRC points. On top of all this, Hayden is also one fast driver and hopes are high (yet realistic) as he prepares for Poland, after finishing third second in Sardinia.