Why Rally Poland Matters

  • Alex Langheck

    Well it has history, the 2nd oldest event, behind Monte-Carlo. However, it was always a Tarmac event, and should still be. There should be an even split between Tarmac and gravel; after all, Tarmac is more ‘road relevant’.
    At the moment, it is just another gravel event………

    • Jason Anthony

      Alex, I wholeheartedly agree. I would love to see a mix between sealed surface and gravel for this rally. As we have lamented on this blog in the past, there aren’t enough tarmac rallies in the WRC. Even Spain now has only 2 days of tarmac…

    • wrblog

      My vote also goes to more tarmac, be it Poland or another (new) event, but tarmac should be represented more.

  • mark14

    Well said !! and Poland Rally is also fast like hell:)

  • michael dimmo

    I think we need a new tarmac rally added to the championship…i think Rally Ireland would be nice.Im from Kenya and I can confirm we are working pretty hard to get the Safari Rally back in the WRC…and yes i know,its another gravel event but cmon guys….its the freaking Safari Rally,i think it deserves its place in the WRC.

  • Christijan Marv

    i really want my country, Indonesia to host WRC rallies again

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