If You See Something…

  • oregonwings

    Organizers need to work with law enforcement / safety crews at the point of recce to help point out the most dangerous of positions and place officials accordingly. That may have prevented the Argentina incident. However, you correct that you can’t stop everyone other than by community involvement using the “See something, Say something” model. I’ve been pushing that exact statement for at least a year. The smartphone selfie world we live in today has created a level of idiocy unseen before in sports history. Last year’s Tour de France had a women standing in the road at the top of a massive mountain trying to take a picture of herself with the leader who was about to die from exhaustion after a break-away near the top. Her elbow stuck out with her phone clipped the rider and almost knocked him down! Just another example of how disrespectful and unsafe so called “fans” can be. We must do community policing if we want rally to remain as safe as possible.

    • Jason Anthony

      Agreed, seen some pretty terrible stuff on cycling races as well.

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