Video: Talking about the risks of Rally Poland

The fact that we did not see many issues, retirements and destroyed cars, partly because of the relatively smooth character of Polish roads, does not mean driving and competing in Rally Poland does not involve big risks. Smooth surface usually means high speeds and at high speeds, mistakes can be costly. Not sure how it’s possible we haven’t seen many mistakes this weekend, but I guess even WRC drivers not named Sebastien know how to cool their heads at times. Although, temperatures rose to over 35 degrees C this weekend, so I don’t know…

Anyway, risks. Take this jump by Ott Tanak as an example. I don’t know how the approach to the crest looks like, but his flight was “at an angle”, which too often equals landing into unknown. Ott made it OK this time, but it was so so close.

Oh, and let’s not pretend we didn’t see spectators standing way too close to the road. I hope nobody was standing anywhere near the camera that took the hit. Also, YOU HAVE TO PUT ALL THOSE SPECTATORS SOMEWHERE, DAMN IT, RIGHT? Rallying is just so huge in Poland and this region in general, is all.