To China or not to China, WRC ponders

04 Citroen Total Abu Dhabi WRT, Ostberg Mads, Andersson Jonas, DS3 WRC, Action WRC RALLY POLAND 2015 - PHOTO : CITROEN RACING/AUSTRAL
  • Fully Sideways Rally

    I’ll post my take on this my space lol. I agree with you on this issue of it being a “world” championship with 70% of the rounds on one continent which has its one rally championship to begin with. I also feel that with Ford’s long time commitment to the sport that they should have been asking for an American return a long time ago. VW has Germany, Citroën has France and Hyundai had NZL, Australia and Germany to an extent.

  • Hubert Gaudreau

    Those are more marketing matters than sporting matters sadly. China will be on the calendar for sure because I think most of the manufacturer involve sell cars there. As a canadian I really would like a north-amercian round, but i20, ds3 aren’t sold here so I don’t think it will happen. For the round that will disapear I suggest to look at sale number by those company and it might give you a hint.

    • wrblog

      Do you think chances for a NA round would increase if WRC was set to switch from current B segment cars to C segment hatches, namely Focus, Golf, i30, Auris?

      • Hubert Gaudreau

        Yes there’s more C segment hatches in NA, and I know they’ve been talking about switching from current B segment. But from a logical point of view, I don’t think hyundai would be homologating a new car in 2016 if the car was to change in 2017. IMO they know they’ll stick with the B segment, and that would be the reason why there’s a toyota yaris wrc prototype. And by sticking to B segment you have much more chance to keep Citroën and even bring back ford. To add to that easier with B-segment to build R5 car. If you look at the business model of M-sport, with the same base, B segment fiesta you have, R1, R2, R5, RRC(s2000), WRC. Honestly any manufacturer could do the same and it seems to work good for them. But changing to C segment undo all of that. Still those are only reflexion, not based on actual data or anything

  • Anders Nilsson

    How about remove Germany from the calendar when to compensate for the loss of a tarmac rally bring back San Remo instead of Sardinia as Italy round. Now I wish they could add a 14th round, why not New Zealand? Consider the short distance between the rally of Australia that is taking place in eastern Australia, when have those rounds taking place close to each other. I think it would be a great idea consider that New Zealand now have a decent driver in the WRC.

    • The thing here’s Germany is one of the best attended WRC events of the whole season. Think about it, where would the german rally fans go instead, Where Spanish rally fans can at least go to Portugal when they would lose their rally, where do you want us to go? Also what about all the Dutch, Belgian fans who flock to this rally every year? I’m going for my 10th time this year, and it would be really sad to see it let go. It has so much character, this rally has produced some of the most nail-biting events post-Loeb era. Oh and please explain all this to our current manufacturer world champion in the WRC.

      • Anders Nilsson

        I do not know wich rally is most justified to be taken away from the calendar, would be interesting to know wich event is most visited and wich is the least.

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