380 horsies and meaner looks? Sure!

WRC RALLY PORTUGAL 2015 - PHOTO : CITROEN RACING/AUSTRAL 12 Citroen Total Abu Dhabi WRT, Al Qassimi Khalid, Patterson Chris, DS 3 WRC, Action
  • Anders Nilsson

    This gotta be the best thing to happen since Group B I cannot believe my eyes when I saw the news. This been the big problem with WRC for so long and been pretty much the big elephant in the room, the cars are too boring. With more powerful cars there will be more viewers and with more viewers more manufactures. 380Bhp is what current WTCC cars are having. First time FIA does something good for WRC.

  • michael dimmo

    i completely agree,the cars were way too similar..to a normal person the WRC,RRC,S2000,R5 and to some even the R2 Fiestas are exactly the same.World Rally Cars should be a world away compared to other classes.This will be the best thing that has ever happened to WRC.The sketch above looks like shit though.

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