R5… Coming to America!

  • m s

    Nice to see rallying growing in the States! Keep us informed on how Fiestas stood up against Subies.
    Isn’t R5 Fiesta 1.6L btw?

    • Jason Anthony

      Yes! I was thinking exactly the same thing, and actually, when I wrote the first draft of this piece, I wrote that the engine was 1.6 litre. However, upon reading the press release closer, I saw that it mentioned a 2.0 litre engine. Also, if you look at the side of the car, it says “2ltr” just in front of the rear wheel. I am wondering if this is a “one-off” model made to compete with the open class cars in the USA. Needless to say, I am a bit confused as well, I will have to put more research into it!

  • Jason Anthony

    Here’s your answer…


    It looks like the 2000cc version of the R5 was made for markets like the USA where FIA homologation is not necessary. Thanks to Bill Wood for his article on the R5 Fiesta running this weekend.

  • oregonwings

    Believe it or not, I think the SRT USA 2015 Subaru WRX STI rally car engine is actually 2.0L not the 2.5L based engine you get from the factory in an STI. From what I recall hearing is that they are actually using an engine design from the earlier 2.0L WRC days. I need to find where I read it, but I’m 90% certain that it is true.

    • Jason Anthony

      Hmmm, interesting. I’m wondering if this would be because Subaru Rally USA are still using a lot of the intellectual property from the Subaru WRT days? I’ve wondered how much cross-pollination there was between the old WRC cars and the cars made for the Rally America championship. Let me know if you can find this somewhere. Thanks Mike!

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