Lancia, Auriol, Bugalski and the 90s

Can you remember 1991 and what it felt like and tasted like in the world of rallying? It was all about group A cars back then, ever since group B got banned in 1986 and teams had to rebuild their programmes around different cars and tamer set of rules. One car and one make in particular marked those years and even though Lancia is long gone from the World Rally Championship, memories of that car and what it achieved are still very fresh and vivid. That team was something else and don’t let me start talking about the car, because I will probably never stop. An icon, that’s what Delta HF Integrale was.

In this video Lancia Delta HF Integrale is being tested by another two icons – two Frenchmen, Dider Auriol and late Philippe Bugalski. There is something about old rally videos, something more than just nostalgia, and testing videos are just the same. For me it’s amazing to see the dedication from the team, even though the atmosphere may feel quite relaxed. Yes, teams and drivers were very serious about their jobs even then, rally only ever rewarded hard working squads.

Enjoy the icons at work, this video is simply splendid. The way they made that car dance around the tight Corsican hairpins…