Opel clinches ERC Junior title, but where is our Corsa?

  • Flo

    Here is an interview with Jörg Schrott from Opel Motorsport: http://www.rallye-magazin.de/int/nachrichten/artikel/d/2015/06/09/vorerst-kein-opel-corsa-r5/

    He says: ‘We are happy to get a lot of enquirys already today. This shows that we had an successfull re-entry into rally sports. Though we had to shift the R5 project. We will concentrate on our existing activities in the upcoming season.’

    …he did not say no, but I do not know if Holzer Motorsport has the capacities – the know-how is no point – and if GM nods the project through.

    • wrblog

      Thanks for sharing, Flo. As long as they don’t say definitive no, we can be hopeful.

  • Alex Langheck

    Opel are entering the TCR series with the 5 door Astra; as Touring car racing is in their DNA. We might be waiting a while more for any rally bigger programme.
    There was an article on the Pistonheads website.


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