Now That’s a Proper (Superspecial) Stage!

2015 World Rally Championship / Round 08 / Rally Finland / July 29 - August 2 // Worldwide Copyright: Hyundai Motorsport
  • wrblog

    This is more or less exactly what I thought, after watching a video of Robert Kubica tackling that stage. I usually do not like those stages, as they are either not at all representative of the event or they lack any visible challenge. Not here, this stage had a lot of traps! Utility poles, curbs, trees, ditches, slippery blind corners, tricky cuts, it was great!


  • Fully Sideways Rally

    The fiestas bogged down because a few of them had handbrake issues.

    • Jason Anthony

      I remember Prokop saying this, but were there others? Even the factory boys seemed to have trouble. It seemed like all of them had just a bit of hesitation while the other cars accelerated smoothly away.

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