First RX content pack hits Dirt Rally

From the press release, published today:

From today, owners of DiRT Rally can race in RX Supercars that boast more raw power and acceleration than most other motorsports, accelerating from 0-60mph in under two seconds before hurtling into jumps, ruts and hairpins across a mix of dirt and asphalt. Drivers will be able to compete in a brand new World RX Career Mode as well as create their own custom rallycross events.

This first, of two, World RX packs includes a selection of rallycross cars complete with official drivers and liveries plus two official circuits from the FIA World Rallycross Championship, bringing all the thrills of this exciting, full-contact motorsport to DiRT Rally.

The addition of today’s rallycross update continues Codemasters’ commitment to deliver free, regular and substantial content updates during DiRT Rally’sSteam Early Access Phase. The next World RX pack, coming soon, will add online competitive play for the first time to DiRT Rally, along with other new content.

I’m with those who are ever so slightly, should I say concerned, or maybe just a wee bit worried that Dirt Rally might end up being a Dirt Rallycross in the end, but maybe these fears are pointless. These two disciplines can co-exist nicely, especially if both are properly tuned and rich in contents. There is no reason why rally and rallycross should be rivals in Dirt Rally – you see how silly this sounds. Personally, I’m glad we have both, because game just became even more rich and interesting, catering to even bigger number of players and motor sport fans. It’s much much better than coupling rallying with, I dunno, gymkhana or… drift?

Go and enjoy some virtual rallycrossing or go fight against yourself on rally stages. Great game!