As a 5 year old, this girl got infected by a Delta HF, now she came back for more


This, my friends, is what I’m talking about, this. When a car gets under your skin, it’s hard to get it out and besides who would want to do that. Every single car enthusiast has such a car, maybe it’s not in their garage, but it’s close to their and our hearts. Some people grew up with parents owning such a car while others fell in love with it out on the stages. Lancia Delta HF Integrale stands above others in my book of rally cars – I never owned one and I likely never will, but it was a car that introduced me to the world of rallying – my first rally stages were marked by some angry Deltas scaring the crap out of me, it was a love at first sight. Never before or since did a car impress me so much with its speed, character and charm. Rally cars or road cars, Delta HF Integrale can make me do things, I kid you not. Subaru Impreza fans will understand, Ford Escort MK2 fans will understand too…

What happens then when such a car is literally presented to you very, VERY early in your life? Not as a present, but as a wonderful, powerful, impressive thing you know little about, but you instantly feel it is special, and that feeling stays with you ever since, long time after the car passed on to the new owners. I wouldn’t know what kind of chemical explosion red Delta HF Intergale Evo II (no less) can trigger in your head if you’re five year old kid, but one petrolhead does. Her name is Anamarija Matoc and she thinks petrol is the best energy drink ever – she likes cars and does not think a front wheel is needed at all on a motorcycle. Her mother was responsible for first Delta HF introduction 19 years ago and her grandma drives all sorts of crazy cars. It’s a family thing.

I don’t want to take anything away from their story, so read more about it via link below – it’s a wonderful thing, really. Deltas, those gorgeous creatures, with flat hoods or bumpy ones, 8V, 16V, Evo… for Anamarija it took 19 years to meet the car, similar to the one from her childhood, again. Let’s hope we all get such a chance at some point. And if you ever win a lottery, you know exactly what to do!

I am borrowing one paragraph from AM’s story:

So what happened 19 years ago? Well to put it simply, my mom introduced me to this car. I was a child back then, with one of those swingly-weird ponytails. At the time I didn’t know what the car was represented, but I do have fond memories of being confused every time people would ask her about the car. It was as if people were admiring some rare and mysterious creature… but it was.

To read the rest of it, hit this link with all your might. Enjoy!