The new 2017 WRC cars will be delicious

  • Jason Anthony

    Well, it certainly sounds more aggressive! That’s a good start! The looks of the car aren’t as groundbreaking as I had expected, but I’m sure that will change as the development moves forward.

  • Enzo Gaming

    I still have no clue how these new rules will impact on all the privateers. Sure, the manufacturer teams will have the money to develop the new cars but what’s with all the Prokops and Kubicas who aren’t clear aspirants of Rallye-winners but make this sport thrilling through their individual (and sometimes a bit flawed) driving styles?

    • wrblog

      Good point, but Prokops and Kubicas did not develop current cars either. They’ll do the same thing and that is to buy or hire cars from whoever did build them. I wish we did have privateers who can build their own cars, though!

    • Christijan Marv

      i don’t really like VW’s way to urges 2017 regulations. there are certain point which not necessary because its budget

  • Sebastian

    What I’m excited the most to see in 2017 is if Hyundai, Toyota, Msport and Citroen (maybe) are capable to beat VW with the new cars.

    • Jason Anthony

      Well, VW are already working publicly on their 2017 car and we haven’t seen the 2016 cars from Hyundai, M-Sport or Citroen… they’re still trying to figure out their 2015 cars! As for Toyota, who knows what they’re doing at the moment. As it stands now, things don’t look so good for the non-VW teams.

      • Sebastian

        Yeah You are right that’s the secret I think with VW, they are already testing a car with more than a year of anticipation. Hyundai by the other hand, they’ve got the money and the experience to do it right in 2017 but they are more focus on developing the 2015 car in order to compete in 2016, Msport is looking for the money, Citroen well I think they don’t even know what will happen with themselves in 2017 and Toyota isn’t working fast in my opinion.

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