WRC 5… Really???

  • wrblog

    Personally I think it’s better not to buy it if you want to show support and send the right kind of message. Crap should not be tolerated and certainly not financed. Developers have their deal with the promoter and none of them will suffer – if they will, it will be because they did a poor job at representing a World Championship class series to huge audience.

  • Fully Sideways Rally

    I sat patiently waiting for your reaction to the game release and it didn’t disappoint me!

  • Fully Sideways Rally

    This is the same issue I have had with the franchise since the first game and they have done nothing to make it better all they did was add the online game play. When I’ve played from 1-3 and its the same nonsense with different cars and drivers. I watched gameplay videos of 4 and hoped for the best but was deeply disappointed and I couldn’t help but feel that the WRC is doing itself a des- service by continuously having the crap games released. The are many co- drivers of all languages in the series, use them for heaven sake so it feels like we are there for a ride and the stages and car noises are absolute rubbish. Fans of rallies no what the stages look like so you cant fool us with some made up nonsense and call it Panzerplatta.

  • Jamie Ackland

    I would be Interested in seeing the Stats For DiRT Rally when WRC5 was Rls, So many people got refunds and went for Dirt Rally.. What a Great promotional trick for Codemasters.. just sit back and watch competitors rls crappy games that turn people to our game… what a winner! .. Personally I Paid for Pre-release so i was unable to get a refund, which i would have after 1st 5mins, 1st No DFGT wheel support, 2nd it crashed my Computer 2 times b4 i gave up (i have a modern laptop with discrete gfx (2gb AMD R7 / plays many games fine) – (crashed within 200m of start of stage) this game has 0 optimization for PC, looks to be a straight Console port! I will Never buy a WRC game again (and i have them all) unless they partner with Codemasters.. enough is enough already! they r KILLING the WRC Brand!

  • Christian Ojeda

    That’s a shame. After 5 installments of the WRC game franchise you would hope they could finally deliver but honestly I’m also not surprised as they were far ways away from make a half decent game.

    My question how long does the developer of WRC 5 have the official WRC license for? And how does Codemaster’s with a much bigger budget not have access to the official license. For the sake of the sport and franchise one could only hope they would surrender the license to Codemaster’s as they could easily implement all the official teams and vehicles etc. in a heartbeat. Cuz what i have seen of Dirt Rally it’s really something else compared to what has been put out in the past. Not to mention Codemaster’s listened to what the fans wanted in a rally game.

    • wrblog

      I think it’s quite simple – current developers are cheaper than Codemasters.

  • JonathanC

    Dirt Rally FTW!

  • Luis Cardoso

    The WRC licence never will go to a simulator like dirt rally for a simply reason. The license is used to promote and get the attention from WRC fans, and not all like simulators. They can probably say the same in relation to dirt rally, because many of WRC fans are casual gamer, they only want to see the real names, real cars and have fun. And i have played WRC4, if WRC5 “is at least” the same with same gameplay and new cars, i buy it for the same reasons as you mention. Of course i love playing Dirt rally, but the license case is different, and we have to look for the besto of the sport. Because not all WRC fans like simulators, they want to have fun, not to trying many and many times fighting against a some real rally car behaviour. Sorry my English.. greetings from Portugal.

    • wrblog

      That’s fine, but it’s actually funny, because WRC5 supports only handful of wheels! For example, from Logitech they only support G27 and G29, so in order to play this you DO have to have latest wheels. And that’s just one example of how half-made this product really is. Your points about game needing an “easy mode” to appeal to broader audience do stand and I agree.

    • Cdnrally

      To get Fans!? Have a look at the Facebook pages of WRC 5, SLRE and Dirt! Dirt has over 400,000 likes on their page compared to WRC5 with 19,600! Why? Because they have created a quality game and people are flocking to it. The old adage of having to dumb down games for certain people is history! Build a quality game and people will come. It does not have to be uber hard to play just as Jason mentioned but to have a game with as bad of pacenotes, sounds, car resets and penalties for no reasons, pacenotes that just stop working for 10 seconds or so, graphics from 2006 and handling that is nearly not playable, is just unacceptable! And the worst part of this game is the AI. I play on the “Hard” setting and if you have a clean run, something you would consider solid (though it rarely happens because the handling sucks!), you win by .500 to 1.5 seconds, give or take .2 of a seconds or so. I just finished playing a stage where I went off twice and was reset on the track, hit a wall and spun and also had a half spin off…any guess what the result was?? Yup, won by .500 of a second!!! It is single handily the worse AI EVER in a racing game!! There is absolutely no motivation to play in solo career because the AI is rigged and flawed. I even tested it out… played a stage, had a time of 3:05 and won by one second. Did it again faster, 2:58 and won by 1.3 seconds. Same settings, same stage, just restart. How can a developer even create something sooo flawed!

      I have played the following rally games in my life: CMR2, CMR3, Rallisport Challenge, Rally Trophy, RBR, RC2000, WRC3, WRC4, Dirt, SLRE (demo). Not all of these games were perfect or even close, but they were fun. WRC 5 is not fun or playable, please save yourself the money (wait for SLRE or Dirt on console) and DO NOT BUY this game! You will regret it!

  • It’s awesome to read such a long review after one hour of game :D I’m right now finishing the Platinum Trophy in it and I seriously like it. A lot of things are missing like split screen or less obvious (or is it?) Personal Bests but the game itself is very playable and gives a lot of fun. But I’m a casual not a rally enthusiast so maybe I have a different set of priorities.

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