When number one becomes number one (of)

2015 World Rally Championship / Round 10 / Rally Australia // 10th - 13th September, 2015 // Worldwide Copyright: Hyundai Motorsport
  • Alvin Kato

    Hilarious. I have a feeling I know who you are talking about but I won’t say a word :)

    • Anders Nilsson

      I also know who he is talking about he did give a good result in Sweden but since it gone downhill.

      • Alvin Kato

        And he’s just been demoted to 2nd team for rally GB. What’s going on here??

        • wrblog

          After hearing some other, let’s call them news, I am more worried about the team than about one driver.

          • Alvin Kato

            I guess I’ll have to just go back to watching wrc 2001 highlights on youtube then. Back then and in the 90s no team would have dumped their driver to the rookie team because of poor results. A lot of factors play into a rally win and just one mere season which is not even over is no reason for something like this. No matter how much it may seem justified or amicable between the two parties.

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