Video: Jeremie Billiot does Spain

We may disagree on many things regarding rallying, but I feel those are all minor details, like which car is the bestest rally car ever or who had it easier, Sebastien Loeb or Sebastien Ogier, but we will all unanimously agree about this: Jeremie Billiot (also known as Planetemarcus) is a WRC class enthusiast, a factory team category fan, he’s one of the champions of the sport in terms of sheer enthusiasm and dedication. Amen? Amen.

Well, Jeremie and his agents, pardon, friends are everywhere. Last week’s Rally Spain was no exception. Jeremie was there, but he did not just bask in the sun, no, Jeremie did what Jeremie does best and that is – spectate and tweet and shoot countless virtual meters of virtual photo and video film. Some of that work you can see in the video below. Now, I really enjoyed it and I completely adore the idea of mixed surface events adding yet another challenge to the championship, but after watching this piece couple of times I really got a bit scared at some filming and spectating positions. Am I going overboard with all this spectators-be-safe drama? Perhaps, but please don’t put too much at stake!

Are you still sad over Sebastien Ogier’s retirement? I was, but I am better now. He’ll show them some other time, he will.