Why Kubica didn’t settle to be Just Another Privateer?

Robert Kubica performs during the FIA World Rally Championship 2015 in Salou, Spain on October 24, 2015
  • kpcart

    this year his “crashes” have become a lot less, and usually are just things like wheel repairs from hitting rocks. We must all remember, the crashes are part of his fast track way of learning rallies, he seeks to find the limit, and as such must hit the limilt and pass it. this year he has had more stage wins then the M-Sport “factory” ford drivers, and usually has been faster then those paid drivers in a developed and tested factory car. this year for the first time he also has had 2 stage wins on non-tarmac stages (and many high placings) – so he has improved from 2014 to perform on all events – lets not forget he only drove on gravel for the first time ever only in 2013, only 2 years ago! and he had a stage win in Spain on gravel against rally drivers of 20 years experience on gravel, and in a privateer car! his rally career reads 2013 WRC-2 champion (“”factory”” Citroen), 2014 learning year with M-sport customer car, 2015, stuggling year with privateer M-sport car (but with stage wins in 4 or 5 rallies, and so many top 3 results in stages across most rallies). the points in the championship don’t show it, but Kubica is driving the best he ever has in Rallies, and amazingly fast for a privateer. but being in a privateer car, it is not impressed the factory teams, hence why Kubica has said he might even return to WRC-2 next year – a good result in WRC2 factory team seems better then any result in privateer WRC team. If put in a factory WRC team, I guarantee he would be as quick or faster then the top drivers in WRC, but the gamble for the teams is that he wont finish rallies… that is his archilles heel at the moment. Kubica, to avoid crashes, he could drive every stage and every rally slower like a driver like Elfyn Evans does (who I am sure is driving as fast as he can), he will avoid accidents and make up the finishing spots in the top 6 when other fast drivers crash out, but what is the point of that? Kubica has far less experience then Evans, or Mikkelson who got his first win in many years in WRC, but Kubica has better outright speed then them, he has fast tracked his way into WRC, in the way Kimi Raikonnen tried to do and failed miserably. Kubica is the real deal, he has the speed to match the top drivers. imagine if he was a privateer Volkswagon driver – he may have had 25 stage wins this year and stolen a win or a couple podiums from the factory team.

  • JMR

    Why oh why can’t VW run a fourth car? A driver like Kubica would really flourish in such a professional team.

  • :)

  • Jason Anthony

    Someone refresh my memory… what happened at Citroen and why did Kubica leave at the end of 2013? I remember that he got a drive in the factory DS3 on Wales Rally GB after completing his WRC2 season. Was he just not offered a WRC drive and that’s why he left?

    • MadYarpen

      He was offered a factory drive in citroen. But at this point he had no co-driver. So he didn’t want to sign it.
      Plus it is said there was sponsor conflict between total and lotos.

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