Wales Rally GB = Monte Carlo = Sweden = New Z… oh

Let’s give Australia and the FIA’s and promoter’s “high-profile season finale” a chance, but I still cannot imagine a more fitting end to a difficult season than to wrap it all up in dark forests of Wales, soaked to the skin, half frozen, semi pissed and completely covered in mud. At least that is how I expect my Wales Rally GB would look like most of the time. I haven’t been yet and maybe I never will go, but this event is something you don’t take lightly, no matter if you are competing, reporting, spectating or even deciding where to put it in next year’s calendar. It’s like Sweden or Monte Carlo or New Z… oh wait. Well, it’s a classic. And you are very careful and cautious around classics. I still have no idea how dragging entire WRC over to Australia for 2016 finale is a good idea, but whatever. You don’t end this thing in high-profile gala crapfest, you end it up knee deep in mud. I like Rally Australia, but I silently hope this gala thing fails miserably, unless, of course, it’s something we desperately need to ensure manufacturers’ and sponsors’ happiness.

Thank you, 2015 season, you’ve been great. There is much to expect from 2016, it will be a very interesting year, even more so because it will mark an end of an era. Still, titles will count and wins will count so I expect nothing but maximum attack from the word go. I also hope we’ll be able to talk and write and discuss it more here on World Rally Blog, meaning, watch this space, we’ll try to come up with some interesting changes before this thing we call WRC wakes up again and starts breathing fire in January.