Wales Rally GB = Monte Carlo = Sweden = New Z… oh

  • Jamie Ackland

    While i agree in principle , don’t really see use of having end of season in .au.. I need to point out you media are the biggest bunch of sooks i have ever met.. This year b4 Rally Australia had even started there was whinging.. crying.. sooking over how Hot it was how far it was.. the DUST… BLAH BLAH BLAH .. how about suking it up and being a man/woman. I getting sick of all the whinging.. b4 things have even happened… get the hell over yourselves… because you look petty!

    • wrblog

      Huh, can I just forward this to the actual media who did the actual whining? Because I’m just a guy following the sport from the comfort of his home, phone, PC or whatever I find handy. If I had a chance of traveling the world and being nicely payed to do it, I don’t think you’d hear me complain about the stuff you listed.

      Media are complaining, now that’s really some next level bullshit! They’re not driving, they’re not mechanics – sure, they earn their pay, but why on earth would they complain.

  • Enzo Gaming

    Damn, now it’s cold turkey time again… ’till January.

  • mattjelonek

    Don’t they just have it in Monte at the end of the year with all the other FIA Awards given out for F1, MERC Titles etc??? I’m Australian and based here and no way do i think this idea is great!

  • Revenger210

    I know this is very o/topic, but my heart breaks every time when someone mentions classic rallies and Acropolis isn’t there… *lone greek tears*

    • Alex Langheck

      It’s not the only ‘classic’ rally missing; NZ, Safari, Sanremo, I’d even say RAC, as RallyGB is a pale shadow of the former event – no Kielder, Grizedale, Dalby, etc

      • wrblog

        So very true, but it could have been worse. It could have been Alsace instead of Corsica bad.

  • Gabor_V

    My first WRC event ever was Wales in 2012.

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