Malcolm… Are You Really Crazy Enough to Let Elfyn Go?

  • Dagge1

    I am a subscriber of and according to them Evans and Ostberg will be in the M-Sport team next year while Tanak will be dropped

  • Moses M

    Elfyn has matured. He hasnt matured enough. Theres faster and more consistent young drivers.

    British driver, british car, british team… how does that financially benefit Msport?

    Malcolm has always Nurtured young talent because he had no choice. Apart from Prodrive Mini, Malcolm always had the lowest budgets.

    The man needs to make money. Remember he is no longer not a manufacturer team but he still has Ford equipment and years of experience in Fords. A large part of his income comes from selling R5 and R2 cars. Success in wrc class means more sales in all classes.

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