Video: She’s a screamer

In Formula 1 they have many buttons and switches, because they need buttons and switches to: a) make the cars work, b) make the racing work, c) provide a way for an occasional “leave me alone” yell aimed at their pit crews. In rallying, there are also buttons, but none of them is more important than the volume pot on the intercom system box. It’s the single most important thing in every rally car, even though most crews can just set it and forget it. Most crews can, but some crews can’t. Here’s one such crew.

I must admit in advance I know nothing about this crew. I also have no idea why this co-driver has a very unique way of expressing her thoughts concerning some corners. What confuses me most is the apparent randomness – she will go through faster corners with no issues but then will flip into full-on-apocalypse mode in some rather innocent looking turns. Could it be that the stage is set on a very steep hillside, with massive drops, so she is actually seeing them flying off the road in every corner? No idea.

For this driver, nothing is more important than the volume pot on his intercom box. It is the only thing keeping him and his screaming companion alive, I suppose.

On the other hand, co-driving is actually so exciting and entertaining that you will be constantly tempted to just throw away your pacenotes and scream your heart out in pure joy. Perhaps this co-driver just cannot hold it in anymore?