It’s alive! Full version of Dirt Rally is here, consoles next

Embrace the dirt! Love it, respect it but most of all enjoy the hell out of it. For those who were not comfortable financing games’ development during early-access phase, the wait is finally over for one particular mega-game. Codemasters’ Dirt Rally (read what we wrote about it here) dropped the leading zero from its version number and it’s available on Steam as a full, grown-up, all-serious product. Furthermore, Codies also confirmed the console versions are coming up next, if you’re a console owner, all you need to do it sit through this winter.

Dirt Rally is a honest product, top to bottom. From early days to launch day developers were working and adding features based on players’ feedback, almost to the point that it felt like a community driven thing. Which is perfectly in tune with how rallying works in real world. Such product cannot fail and is miles better than anything else currently on the market. Also I don’t think this game will see a worthy competitor anytime soon. I don’t think Dirt Rally will force Richard Burns Rally into retirement, because games such as RBR are forever, but we finally have a worthy competitor or a successor to the legendary rally simulation. And the best thing about it? It just launched, day 0, it went through final time controls before the stage and is now tackling first corners. We’ll see more from this game, I’m sure. I don’t think this is a set-it-and-forget-it kind of product, there’s just too much long-term potential, so let’s hope Codies are already working on new contents.

I hope word will spread and people who are looking for a proper rally game will learn about Dirt Rally before they waste, oh, did I say waste, I meant burn… before they burn their money on some other, lesser product. Remember folks, only Official WRC products you should be interested in are McKlein calendars. If you’re looking for a game, skip everything else and get this. Serious.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, you can also rallycross in Dirt Rally, or you can compete in hill-climb type of races… this is a perfect rally game, because it’s much more rally than it is game. I won’t even apologize for my English.