Episode 1 – “How to get started” by Hayden Paddon

Just in case you did not know it by now – Hayden Paddon is something else. Last year he spoiled us with his regular and very engaging Q&A sessions on Twitter, and he was always available for a chat or an insight, but this year he is taking it one step further. This video is titled “episode 1” so I suppose this means there are also episodes two, three and so on. This first one is a short-y, but it’s a big thing and a very welcome effort from a man who, from his early days in WRC, developed a very unique relationship with his fans. Maybe this video will give you some answers on “how to get started” – it does not go into details because: a) it would be longer than director’s cut of Lord of the Rings trilogy and b) it would take all the fun from discovering things by yourself and getting immersed in this new and exciting world of motor sports.

Best thing about this young Kiwi is his dedication. Not only to fans but also to the job at hand – his Q&A sessions are not the only thing that earned him praise last year, and in 2016 we’re expecting further improvements and great results. The Monte might be tricky for a newb, but this is Paddon we’re talking about. Yes, I am also aware this is Monte we’re talking about too.

Anyway, enjoy the video and make sure to add Hayden to your list of favourite rally drivers in the world.