Shake it down, we’re rolling once again!

Why people hate Mondays I can understand, but why would anyone hate January is beyond me. Sure it’s cold and foggy and either wet or freezing, but it is when our, fortunately very short, WRC break ends as we head down (some for real, some by wishful thinking) to the south of France for yet another running of Monte Carlo Rally (or is it Rally(e) Monte Carlo?). It is also the time for me to realize, year after year, how desperate my “decisions” about “next year’s Monte” are. Year after year. It’s always “oh boy oh boy next year imma gunna be there for sho”, then December arrives and, with Monte just around the corner, I realize there’s not enough time to prepare, organize, prepare, panic… I mean, if you have any amount of courage, you’d just go and see what happens, even if you sleep (and die from exposure) in the backseat of your car. But I’m too… something, for that. But, next year!!!

Below is one of many videos taken during today’s shakedown session. It’s glorious, all of them are. New liveries, new names, new ambitions. It’s great to see and hear the cars roaring once again. It’s not great to also see idiots being themselves, but I hope organizers can deal with those over the next couple of days. Let’s have an amazing rally and if you’re out there – be safe and have many funs. It’s great to see plenty of spectators in this video, hopefully they’ll be able to enjoy an epic battle this weekend.

Also, do let us know who you think will be the biggest surprise of 2016 Monte.