Take a long, hard look at this video, FIA…

  • kpcart

    can not agree with you at all, these WRC drivers have the best instincts, yet when Latvala just wanted to floor it and get back to racing after his incident,, the only problem was he was off track and did not take into consideration of HUMAN beings off track – that is where they hang out these days in rallies, ie “off the track”, the photographer would not have expected latvala to keep driving futher off track and full throttle, so he lined up for a photo. latvalas penalty was pathetically lenient, you have interpreted this video INCORRECLTY World Rally Blog, and I am disappointed youare sticking up for the sport over sticking up for safety. Latvala got off VERY LIGHLY, imagine if the photogrophe was injured, ie if he went under the car, I bet Latvala would still be unsportsmen and still not stopped to check. if this happened in any other racing series if would be treated far more seriously. what was latvala thinking flooring it while offtrack, and then continueing with no thought after hitting a human being??

    • wrblog

      Latvala did not go off lightly, organizers and FIA did. As far as we know, nobody questioned them, nobody questioned why the stage was live, even though safety standards were not met.

      I will not call that “spectator” a photographer, because he did not wear officially issued tabard – hence, he’s a spectator. Standing in unsafe area. Furthermore, that spectator did not “line up for a photo” – he reached down to pick up his shit from the ground (camera + lens), instead of running away from approaching car – this is when Jari-Matti hit him. That “photographer” also gave no thought about his or health and life of competing crews, yet nobody is questioning him in this matter. He’s the fucker who got off lightly, if you’ll excuse my French.

      As I said earlier – Latvala’s mistake was, he did not stop. He should have stopped, then insist on stage to be stopped as well. Then lodge an official protest to stewards and organizers because stage was run even though spectators were in dangerous areas. He should have made a shitstorm out of it. Instead, he pushed on, which I do hold against him.

      But I will not accept he is the only one to blame. Instead, he is the innocent party in this mess. Yet, they had to punish someone.

      And to wrap it up – I am not Latvala’s fan. I appreciate his efforts, but he’s lost way too many credits in my book, so I’m not defending him because he’s my substitute for Kubica, fanboy-wise.

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