“I wasn’t prepared to risk my job at six in the morning”

  • Jamie Ackland

    Great article.. totally agree here.. maybe all this stems from the fact that Hayden did not come from $ .. he really did have to do the hard yards! and for that he has seem every level of the sport and what happens to keep events going.. Not saying other drivers haven’t had to work to be where they are.. but most of the time Rally drivers seem to come from $ which is fair enough.. costs a lot to go rallying, But i feel we are missing out of a lot of talent .. glad Hayden made it .. and i think it will open the door for others, shows that passion can sometimes also get u to where u want to be.. a no give-up attitude, interacting with FAN’s really Hayden has set the Bar higher for How a driver should interact with FAN’s .. really great to see. not only that i think this kid has the talent to be world champ.. or at lest push Seb to point where mistakes start creeping in.

    • Moses M

      Paddon’s comment is proof that even after getting a title… or more, even after retiring from driving, he will be sought after to run teams or the WRC.

  • Rico

    WrBlog: what can then be said about L Bertellis choice to retire Rally Swe?

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