So long, “massive, epic” 80 km special stage, you failed at… something

  • Revenger210

    The salt is real in this article and I’m loving it.

    Great piece and demonstrates perfectly what is flawed about the current promoters of the WRC; they want to turn every rally into a sprint session like F1 is. But an endurance event is about a balance of speed and wits, it’s about consistency between varying stages and challenges. Finland was supposed to be the grand prix of rallying because of its high speeds, but when you have all rallies be like that, the speed loses its significance and just becomes routine.

    The 80km stage can’t stand on its own, it needs to be supported by other smaller stages which also have to be bigger then the ones we have now. Then the endurance aspect will come in, because the drivers and the cars will be exhausted by the end of such long stages and thus more easily crashing out by seemingly amateur mistakes, mistakes that are hard to make when you’re a pro and racing on smaller stages.

    • wrblog

      Excellent points, thank you for commenting.

    • Alex Langheck

      Have to agree with you! The current Promoter simply doesn’t understand the sport of rallying. Endurance is/was part of the sport; as much, if not more than flat out speed.

      The WRC is meant to be about variety; surfaces, conditions, speed, endurance, etc Sadly, they seem to want everything almost the same. Result = a sport not knowing what it’s meant to be.
      Stop trying to make it like RallyCross.

      Sportscars/ WEC is giving rallying a bloody nose – Endurance doesn’t seem to be harming them. In fact, more and more 12/24 hour races are cropping up. The demand is there: for the challenge.

      WRC seems to want to dilute any challenges……

  • Dar

    Such a sad state of affairs. The 2000 Acropolis Rally was the first WRC event I attended. It was great, as was the spectacle of watching these cars try to deal with the elements (heat, punishing surface, etc.). I’m very disappointed that the current promoters are taking such a stance on longer stages. I for one thought it was a great return to some of the things I used to love about rallying…”Any surface, any time”. Long distance stages were certainly a part of it as well. My family and a number of friends are going to Rally Mexico next year. I was pumped to hear that this stage was being introduced and would likely continue next year. Oh well…

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