Should the WRC switch to RWD GT cars, because they sound nice and go sideways?

  • Alvin Kato

    Yay Tom! Another excellent article! I hope this one helps put that conversation to rest on this end. Unfortunately on youtube every oldie is crying for Group B. Its sad.

  • Jason Anthony


    Food for thought this one. As far as the noise goes, I definitely prefer the sound of modern rally cars to modern GT cars. I like all the pops, bangs, rumbles, brake squeaks, turbo blow-offs, and transmission howl along with the engine noise. GT cars sound great, but they tend to be a bit more “one dimensional” than the sound of a rally car. Today’s rally cars have so much going on, and it is made evident by the dynamic sounds emitted from them.

    Now… as for the behavior of the cars, I would like to see a little bit more slide than we currently see in WRC and R5 cars. As we have said before, to the untrained eye, it is very difficult to differentiate them from each other. That’s where RWD is a refreshing change for me. I know that it isn’t fast… driving on rails is always the quickest way, but like you said, it adds variety.

    I’m more interested in seeing RWD cars competing in the same class as with FWD cars… much like we are starting to see with the Subaru BRZ (or Toyota GT86 that is…). For me, that is a much more interesting match up than trying to balance the performance of RWD Porsches up to modern WRC cars (or worse, the other way around).

    The other thing to consider is that none of the manufacturers of modern GT cars have very much interest in adapting their cars to rallying. Even the Porsche R-GT is a private effort by Robert Tuthill’s team. I don’t see the likes of Audi, Bentley, Aston, BMW, or Ferrari being willing to shell out the cash to pursue rallying when they are fully committed to their sports car programs in series like IMSA, Blancpain, and WEC.

    As much as I like R-GT, I can’t help but feel that it is a bit of a “grassroots” effort. I applaud Tuthill for what he is doing, but I don’t see many other entries coming to R-GT in the future, and definitely not manufacturer based efforts.

  • Hi

    As it occurs, and it was a great surprise for me, RGT cars can win a rally against R5 cars. Off course engine size of 911 GT3/ RGT is more than twice as big, which is no “level grounds” :)

    But I really like to see 2.0 L cars like GT86 or BMW 318 or Abarth 124 competing with FWD

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