We want the British Rally Championship in Dirt Rally

There is one thing I think we can all agree is true. The game we call Dirt Rally is a success in every conceivable way; technically, it’s a masterpiece, based on latest technologies; it has a fantastic physics model, which, in time, you can crack and conquer, but it will fight you like crazy and you will love every second of it. Now, we know there is little hope we will ever see Dirt Rally taking over as the official game of the World Rally Championship, but that does not mean its story ends there. By no means! We already have the fantastic World Rallycross Championship represented in game, in all its rubbin’ and racin’ glory – love it or hate it as a form of motor sport, it is successful, exciting and it will keep growing, no doubt about that. And it’s in Dirt Rally.

Okay, so if we cannot have the WRC represented, does that mean we should be happy with the stages we got and call it a success? No, no, no. We should, of course, start asking for more. Much more. Fortunately for all of us, one particular, very old and very respected rally series is coming back to life this year, with high goals and elaborate ambitions. This series’ name is British Rally Championship, and that, really, is all I need to say. If you’re old enough, you can still remember Rally 2000 and/or Mobil Rally Championship games, with 1:1 depiction of every single stage of every single event in this championship, long long time ago. Now, imagine BRC in Dirt Rally, with modern tech, notoriously detailed pace notes and those wonderful stages.

Can we dream? Some events obviously think we can!