Et tu, Ari? Why can’t we just pretend it never happened?

  • Alvin Kato

    This shoot out stage nonsense will be the death of rallying. Thank God Jarmo shot it down.

    Jost Capito should leave rallying soon so that his strange ideas can die a quick natural death. Enough is enough for now.

    Thanks for the post @wrblog:disqus!

  • oregonwings

    The short and simple fact is that the WRC is an ENDURANCE sport. Shoot-out stages would be equal to a WEC race after almost the full 12 hours suddenly putting out a yellow with 10 laps left and everyone gets their laps back. Do they really want that?

    • Alvin Kato

      Agreed! That kind of nonsense is the reason why today’s WRC has been referred to as soft. I like how you put it: ENDURANCE.
      Yes that’s the word. The reason we loved WRC back then was because only the toughest were willing to take on the challenge in all conditions where every second counts.
      I hope this shoot out nonsense gets kicked out and silenced permanently. Whoever wants this should go back to F1 or Rallycross and stay away from WRC forever!

      • Hymer

        I couldn´t have said it better, I´m glad Jost Capito left.

    • Alex Langheck

      Exactly!! I’ve likened it to the Le Mans 24 hours having a fastest lap in the last 10 minutes to see who wins the race. Thankfully, the ACO and Sportscar racing know their sport – and why it’s a success, so don’t try to add gimmicks,
      The WRC has stumbled in the last 15-20 years, and this is one of the reasons why. The people running the sport seem clueless how to run it – or what the WRC should be about.

      I recommend people listen to the AbsoluteRally podcasts with Mark James….his views on the current WRC are worth listening to; he hits the nail on the head!

  • Jason Anthony

    We all know what would happen… The best would still win. If this system was used back in the 2000’s, Loeb probably would have still beaten everyone, and the same for Ogier now. It probably wouldn’t change the end results, but it would cheapen the first two days of rallying.

    • Alvin Kato

      The best would still win, but it would take away the effort put in the first 2 days of rallying. Everyone would save themselves for the final day and it would see more lack lustre performances where people drop a little time in order to save energy for d-day.
      I hope this idea never sees the light of day.

  • Revenger210

    I haven’t really gotten to comment on this article until now, but I pretty much agree with what the article and commenters here have said. As for Ari… well, maybe he was just joking or taken out of context – I can’t picture him saying sth that ridiculous (even though experience from F1 argues otherwise *cough* Todt and Ecclestone *cough* )

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