Qualifying Stages: Is the Reward Worth the Risk?

  • wrblog

    Of all the things, invented in recent years with sole purpose of “improving the spectacle”, I feel qualifying stage is least dangerous and harmful. If there is an addition, a gimmick if we like, then it must reflect the core idea of the sport, it must respect it, it must be challenging, not a decider, but a good, healthy challenge. And it seems to be working, for ERC at least.

  • Pluto_AutoSport

    I dont like qualify so much. Of course, it is good for choosing starting position. It is one more day for media and it is good presentation for organiser with choosing starting position. But for crews it is lost day with almost no action, lot of waiting. And statut of shakedown is completely lost, crews must be fast from beginning of qualify. So they need to spend more money on testing before. And in ERC there are no manufacturer teams who can spedn lot of money on testing before. For most of the drivers should be better to make 5-6 runs on shakedown than doing a qualify. And also for spectators it should be better to have normal shakedown (as they can see the fastest cars more often)…

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