Another monster shows its face – 2017 Citroën C3 WRC

  • Revenger210

    I really dig the way the front looks – reminds me of the old Celica whose headlights showed up when they were switched on from the bodywork.

    I feel this is a new and fresh design that I could dig. I’d prefer a bigger car (say the C5 used in WTCC) but this one’s nice on my books too.

    Also, I’m fairly certain the camo used is made of reds and light reds, which, along with the patches of white and black make it seem red.

    • Alvin Kato

      I think there won;t be any bigger cars for a while man. The 206 is what revolutionized this style of design. After it came out and proved a consistent menace people start rethinking car design.

      Because most cars were saloon cars they would hit the back on tight corners which was something the 206 and Focus could handle well. And after Making’s crash in 2001 with the new Lancer, even Burns himself said: “These cars are not the best specification for rallying” and the next season he went to Peugeot.

      We the fans may not like them that much but they are much safer for the driver, and honestly if I was rallying I’d pick these specification of cars over the old ones any day!

      ps: Good job on the analysis, I could n’t see jack on the Citroen :D

  • Jason Anthony

    Hmmm… I’ve got to be honest, I’m not blown away by what I am seeing from the new cars… yet. Yes, they’re a bit wider and have various aero bits and bobs on them, but I still don’t see enough of a change to make me say WOW! Of course, these are still early days and a few shots don’t tell the whole story. We haven’t heard these cars or seen their behavior and handling, so it really is too early to make a definitive judgement. However, my first “gut” impression has left me feeling a bit underwhelmed.

    • Alvin Kato

      Seconded. Still not convinced or blown away. Hope the final thing will look wicked or better than what am seeing now….

      • wrblog

        You both have a point, but the cars looking almost identical cannot be blamed on the sport or regulations entirely. Maybe if the segment switched from B to something else we could see a bit more variety, but that is up for debate. Disclaimer, I too would not mind seeing all kinds of body variations, from hatches to coupes, all equally competitive. But for now, at least as far as I am concerned, and especially comparing to changing nothing, a switch to more power is a welcome one.

      • Revenger210

        I still hold a few hopes as we haven’t seen those cars with liveries on. The Citroen here still kinda excites me for what lies underneath that camo paint they doused on the car. At the very least, it looks different from the VW, if only slightly, but more than say the current cars look from each other.

        Speaking of which… man, have liveries gone down the rabbit hole in recent years across all motorsports, not just WRC. @wrblog:disqus you think you could make an article possibly on liveries, maybe a livery retrospective?

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