They are not toys, they’re rally cars

  • Fully Sideways Rally

    LOl @ “sit every doubter in a rally car, strap him/her tight and let any of the current WRC drivers give them a ride over some jumps of Ouninpohja, for example.” I wouldn’t mind being a doubter if it meant I could get a ride like that, but I like you think the cars are very exciting. The engines sound ok to me …you can still hear them from quite a distance away!

  • FuchsrohreWRC

    Problem is you’re preaching to the converted. On lots of forums/ websites rallyfans will say how great the current WRCars are……and that they are quicker than Gp B monsters. Sadly, your average motorsport fan just sighs and just isn’t impressed at all. The WRC has been left behind by other series….. and all connected with the WRC don’t know what to do.
    Certainly, as far as UK goes the WRC is miles behind F1, BTCC, WEC, Motorbikes, etc Just look at the comments on popular websites like Autosport, Pistonheads, TenTenths,, etc

    • wrblog

      Fair enough. But what would you change, if you had the power? Any key issues you think would improve the presentation and attract new fans?

      • FuchsrohreWRC

        I think it’s probably too late for that.
        However, a WRC rally should be an EVENT, not hidden away in a small part of the country. Shout about it, promote it, tell people about it. Then make it a proper event! Not the generic WRC format we have now; which is 2 days than a short Sunday……that is just pathetic!

        Have an event spit between gravel & tarmac – then there is the possibility of different cars being suited to different events. Allow 4WD, RWD, FWD to be competitive, with a Balance of Performance type reg…

        I could go on….

      • I wish privateer teams got a chance to build World Rally Cars for the championship. Look at WRX and the diversity there with privateer teams building cars and being competitve, or look at the BTCC. I’m aware that the running costs for WRC cars (and the whole championship and the logistic side of things) are much higher than the ones of the two aformentioned series. But if the regs stay so tight-ensnared as they are right now, the possibility of letting teams, that aren’t manufacturer affiliated, build cars and bring some variety into the series would really be a welcome affair.

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