13 Minutes (and 8 seconds) Well Spent

  • wrblog

    Hopefully some of those videos, especially ones as important as these two, will make it to public channels. They should be posting some comparison runs to youtube, it would not diminish their wrc+ income and would do a lot to boost popularity.
    In short, I wish I had a running sub. Might jump in soon again.

    • Alvin Kato

      @wrblog:disqus dude! I watched Hayden’s onboard like 3 times already! It was sick! I could n’t sleep I ended up tweeting my congratulations 2 hours later because I missed the live power stage due to sleep.
      He took so much speed in corners but it was well executed!

      And I agree this comparison runs would be good, but with the way I know its only a moment of time before they post Hayden’s onboard of El Condor. It was sick!

      Now am only worried about Thierry Neuville, overtime I watch the interviews Molly’s always asking him about his confidence….. It makes me sad honestly…. :(

    • Dar

      They did in fact post this video on youtube:


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