Video: The 2017 WRC cars, they’ll be fine, stop worrying

How about we all just forget about our doubts and hesitations concerning next year? The World Rally Championship certainly does not lack talent, and we’re finally making a step forward in terms of cars and their presence. Mind you, we still do not have any idea about the final look and feel of 2017 World Rally Cars, and neither do teams, most likely. Plenty of testing and refining still ahead of everyone, from title holders to new arrivals. I too kind of stopped in my tracks when I first saw that 2017 Polo R WRC concept art few weeks ago, thinking “hey, isn’t that a tad too tame, perhaps?”, but on the other hand, just look at how wild and ridiculously awesome the current test car looks and sounds and drives? They’ll just merge those two images and concepts together and I am pretty sure the end result will be quite appealing. It is hard to say will it be worthy of a “group B is back” title, for that we’d need to see them go and jump and slide first, but we’re moving in a good direction. And nobody said this was a final step. We’ll be alright, guys, we’ll be just fine. Or if you want to tone it all the way down, we won’t have it worse. Happy now?

Here’s Volkswagen Motorsport and their 2017 Polo R WRC, testing.