They’re alive!

  • Revenger210

    Yes I am so glad too to see Toyota on the road, and I agree that a PR campaign should also begin now! I still can’t understand why TMG was not brought on-board for this project though.

    Also, on a completely different topic, aesthetically wise, the Yaris looks uninspiring to me. Like, just more of the same super-mini rally cars we’ve been seeing the past couple years, nothing new to see here – that’s kinda left me disappointed tbh :/

  • Jason Anthony

    Anyone else think the rear spoiler is ridiculous? Check out the tweet colin clark posted with a close up… It’s a bit much.

    • wrblog

      Now that you mention it, it does look a bit ricey, but perhaps it’s just to test stuff. Rules do say “big wings”, but this is bigger than big,

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