Can You Really Blame Them?

  • Alvin Kato

    Amen. What Prokop endured was horrible.
    Rules are meant to protect integrity and safety and not to frustrate. WRC is losing it sometimes with all these stupid rules that end up hurting the sports competitors.
    Horribly shameful!

    • Revenger210

      I agree with you here
      the privateers cannot survive in this day and age and are at a huge disadvantage. Even the very best among them, like Kubica and Prokop, fail because they have no support, and it only takes a while until they realize they’re just banging their heads against the wall until they decide to quit and look some place else

      What a sad day indeed, I’ll miss Prokop :/

      • Jason Anthony

        I agree… I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the WRC service park last season and saw Robert Kubica’s service area next to Skoda’s WRC2 set-up. It really put the huge discrepancy in perspective. Kubica had a tent and a van… that’s it. Skoda had a huge truck, closed tent, air conditioning, hospitality area… and that was for their WRC2 team! The WRC set-ups were even bigger! It was a very visual reminder of how much of an uphill fight the privateers fight.

        • Alvin Kato

          Indeed it is. Prokop did a feature video of his team, and how his trainer also helps with the works and repairs when it turns into a crucial “All hands on deck” situation.

          I just hope WRC turn into a mini F-1 when it comes to money and costs….. :/

  • FuchsrohreWRC

    It’s not just Creventic; most GT series are giving the ‘customers’ what they want. Which is why they are in rude health – and we see lots of 12/24 Hour races popping up.
    People in the WRC may think things are rosy – they’re not. The WRC has been overtaken by lots of series… it any wonder??

    • Jason Anthony

      You are absolutely right! Take a look at the ACO with LeMans this weekend. They’ve managed to attract the manufacturers in LMP1 and GTE PRO as well as a loyal group of privateers in LMP2 and GTE AM. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, if you do things right, you can meet the needs of both. The only caveat I would mention is that they aren’t doing a great job with balancing their LMP1 privateers with the factory teams. This is going to need some work in the future.

      • FuchsrohreWRC

        Well the 2017/18?? LMP1 Privateers are to be allowed DRS….
        However, the ACO can’t get everything right; especially the BoP in GTE-Pro…….the WRC may have many issues, thank goodness BoP isn’t one of them.

  • Enzo Gaming

    Some time ago I thought that maybe manufacturer’s drivers shouldn’t get Driver Points, instead only contribute to the manufacturers points. This way, the manufacturers could compete on an (relatively) even financial level with their rivals while hiring the extraordinary drivers and the privateers could compete with each others on a similar level in terms of budget and skill. The manufacturers would still get their Revenue of “best Rallycar of 20XX” while the privateers would fight for the title of “best Rally Driver of 20XX”. Maybe this could be an easy way to even the playing field a bit, but it could also run the risk of separating the WRC too much.

    Next year we get new cars, and while I’m excited watching Youtube clips of test drives from Citroen, VW and the others, I also know that the privateers probably won’t have the money (and time, and know-how, and what-not) to even build a test car, let alone make it competitive. I think the near future will be dark for privateers but there’s been homolagtion changes in the past and somehow privateers still made it till today, so there’s hope.

  • Amen, thats exactly how it is.. so what we need ? more competitive cars for privateers and less bullshit rules for them as well.. i dont know how rest of the world is looking at it, but isnt better to watch how privateers are competing with manufacturers or not ? yes, we want to see battles…

  • …and please, everyone read the first blogpost from Mr.Warmbold on this page, ist exact problem of privateers :

  • Moses M

    Theres three types of privateers. Those who do it because they can afford it like Bertelli, those who want to leave their mark like Kubica, and those who want to become works drivers like Bouffier. The Bouffiers are normally the most potential drivers. Their first handicap is that no privateer has the same top spec car like a manufacturer driver (Warmbold’s Yeti)

    Many of the older works drivers including Latvala, Ostberg, Meeke started out as Bouffiers. This was the only way to get into WRC since the only sub WRC championship was GroupN with few manufacturers and very little promotion. In modern times, the FiA has improved the lower categories by standardizing and better promotion. As a result we have Ogier, Loeb, Mikkelsen, Paddon, Neuville, Tanak etc.

    The wrc no longer needs the privateer. Its focusing on manufacturers and biggrt markets like China. Unless a privateer with a huge budget wants to have fun like Bertelli, Al Qassimi, Dor, Villagra, Goni, Perez…. WRC2, ERC, APRC and many series of international series are cheaper and much better promoted.

    The WRC is no place for a privateer.

  • Moses M
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