A Missed Opportunity

Photo Credit: WRC.com
  • mattjelonek

    I’m too surprised that only one stage is shown live this weekend!!! You got some explainin’ to do!

  • FuchsrohreWRC

    I’m glad you’ve raised this – as I can’t understand their (WRC Promoter) thinking. They seem to be doing the absolute minimum. In fact, they’re not doing a great deal more than NorthOne/ ISC before them.

    Remember 4 years ago when RedBull/ Sportsman’s Group were announced as the new WRC Promoter? So, what exactly have they done? Personally, the WRC is as invisible as ever.
    As Mark James said on the Absolute Rally podcast before Christmas, “they’re not doing enough”. He actually wished they lost the contract and it was given to somebody else.

    But is any of the WRC media going to question what they are doing? Er, not likely…..everything is fine in their WRC land.

  • Alvin Kato

    I am watching the day 2 highlights on wrc+ and I feel cheated. Its like I have n’t really experienced Rally Germany like the way I sort of experienced Rally Mexico. So many live stages from the opening ceremony to the super specials.

    European events seem to be lackluster in video coverage for some strange reason…..

  • PoleOne

    WRC promotor sucks! It’s all folks and 100% true!

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