Do We Really Need More Whinging?

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  • FuchsrohreWRC

    Maybe instead of artificially trying to create ‘rivalry’ between drivers – the WRC Promoter should actually do their job; i;e promote the sport better!!
    its 2016 – and the only live TV stage of Rally Deutschland is the final stage, the PowerStage. What is that all about? What about live coverage of stages on Friday and Saturday?? What is the excuse/ reasoning behind this?

    I’m sorry but it’s simply not good enough – and neither is the rest of their promotional activities for the WRC.

    After Kris Meeke’s historic win in Finland the invisibility of the WRC (particularly in the UK) was discussed on Midweek Motorsport…..

    • Jason Anthony

      Yes, I heard the same discussion on Midweek Motorsport as well. While they aren’t quite the authority on rallying as they are on WEC/IMSA, they were still exactly right. Kris Meeke did what no other Brit has ever accomplished in Finland and NO ONE in the UK heard about it

      • FuchsrohreWRC

        To be fair, Hindy actually competed on Road Rallies years ago; so they have been fans of the sport – but like a lot of people the current incarnation of the sport leaves them cold.

        As for WRC Promoter, look at the in-car coverage of Kris Meeke on Ouninpohja; they put 1min13secs of it on YouTube……If they were such experts on promoting, they would have put the full stage up; and tweeted it……but they’re more concerned about raising £$£$£$£ for WRC+

  • Alvin Kato

    I watched it yesterday and yes the end of day highlights did end on a lame note. Credit to both Andreas and Ogier for shrugging this one off.

    And yes I do remember rally Portugal 2001, Tommi was in kill mode. Very beautiful and fiery ending that one was. I hope we get more exposure to the event and it moves a long the lines of that event in future!

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